Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts

Dynamite Films has provided creative and films for a number of Disney exhibits over the past decade and a half in partnership with EXP. They include exhibits for Kodak, Buena Vista Pictures, Disney Online, Motorola, Xerox, SGI, and TAPPI.

For the past 7 years, Dynamite Films has been a Disney contractor with WDPRO and Yellow Shoes providing video and stills for use on the Disney website.

Marriott Vacation Club

Since 2015, Dynamite has photographed Marriott Vacation Club’s luxury timeshare resorts around the world, providing them with superior assets for their marketing and website needs.



Dynamite made its first film for Adobe introducing PostScript initiatives and worked as creative on a number of live events through the introduction of Creative Suite 3.



Dynamite was hired by Santeler Marketing Group in 1992 to create a film that introduced Kodaks PhotoCD to the world. Dynamite delivered creative and film work for many films over the next two decades to introduce Kodak digital initiatives such as the Kodak EasyShare camera launches.

Between 2000 and 2012 Dynamite was the creative for the Imagination Post Show for EXP and Kodak at the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot.

A Dynamite Films/EXP film made for Kodak ran for a decade introducing Epcot guests to the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" 3-D Experience.


Sun Microsystems

Dynamite Films was hired by EXP to be the creative for the Sun Microsystems Annual sales meetings the last four years before Sun was acquired. These shows where tasked with entertaining the huge sales force while at the same time delivering sales objectives for the coming year. 


Dynamite Films was hired by IZZI productions to create films for the annual NuVasive Sales meetings.


Dynamite Films was hired by EXP to develop the creative thread and the films for the Annual Xylinx Sales meetings.

EXP The Experience Company

Dynamite Films has been a strategic partner and provided creative and filmmaking services to EXP. 

IZZI Productions

Dynamite Films provides creative and filmmaking services for IZZI Productions.

Apple Computers

Dynamite made a number of films for Apple for their product introductions, conventions, World Wide Developers Conferences, Sales Team Conferences and Trade shows.


Apple brought us to the AIM alliance between Apple, IBM and Motorola where we provided the creative and the films introducing the world to the PowerPC Microprocessor.

Intel Museum

For five years, Dynamite was hired by EXP to be the creative at the Intel Museum.

This involved the writing of scripts and the training of Docents to make sure the correct Intel history was told in a manner that would inspire the next generation of engineers.

The Field Museum

Dynamite Films and Kumotek Robotics were hired by the Field Museum in Chicago to create an interactive experience to celebrate their 10th anniversary of the T-Rex Sue Exhibit.


The RoboSue experience used innovative technologies that brought Dinosaurs to life.   Through the use of many different sensors and algorithms, the dinosaurs uniquely reacted to every move of the guests.  This incredible experience also traveled to other museums across the United States.

KumoTek Robotics


Dynamite Films is a strategic Partner with Kumotek Robotics for the creation and the execution of technology based exhibits for museums and theme parks.